The Missouri Herpetological Association held its second fall field trip Sun 1 Oct 2006 (the first was the trip associated with the 2004 annual meeting). The Sunday morning field trip was part of the 19th Annual Meeting.

A quick herpetofaunal survey was conducted on the Woodson K Woods Conservation Area, located near Steelville in Crawford County. Habitats searched included ponds, old fields, streams, and wooded hillsides. Thirteen members, representing five institutions, caught 87 individual amphibians and reptiles in about two collecting hours, representing 15 species.

Temperatures on Sunday were pleasant the entire morning. Several presumably common species for the area were not observed at all and the very dry summer and fall probably affected the number of animals observed. The total species list along with numbers of individuals can be seen below.

Species Common Name Number Photos
Notophthalmus viridescens Central Newt 3 (1 adult, 2 efts) No photo from this location
Plethodon albagula Western Slimy Salamander 42 Photo
Plethodon serratus Redback Salamander 2 Photo
Bufo americanus American Toad 1 No photo from this location
Acris crepitans Cricket Frog 2 No photo from this location
Rana clamitans Green Frog 21 (6 adults, 15 tadpoles) Photo
Rana sphenocephala Southern Leopard Frog 3 (tadpoles) No photo from this location
Terrapene carolina Three-toed Box Turtle 3 Photo
Scincella lateralis Ground Skink 1 No photo from this location
Eumeces fasciatus Five-Lined Skink 1 Photo
Ophisaurus attenuatus Western Slender Glass Lizard 1 No photo from this location
Coluber constrictor Racer 1 (shed skin) No photo from this location
Elaphe obsoleta Black Ratsnake 4 Photo
Lampropeltis triangulum Red Milksnake 1 Photo
Storeria occipitomaculata Redbelly Snake 1 Photo

Group Photograph

Fall Field Trip 2006 Group Photograph

Front: Brian Edmond (MSU), Jeff Briggler (MDC), Alex Edmond, Joseph Edmond.
Back: Richard Daniel (UMC), Drew Dittmer (UMC), Brad Glorioso, Alex Muensch (AU), Robert Powell (AU), Rod Wittenburg (UAF), Bethany Williams (UMC), Glenn Manning (UAF), Noah Gordon (UMC).
Key: AU=Avila University, MDC=Missouri Department of Conservation, MSU=Missouri State University, UAF=University of Arkansas at Fayetteville, UMC=University of Missouri at Columbia.

Other Photographs