The Missouri Herpetological Association held its second annual fall field trip on the weekend of 29 – 30 September 2007 mostly at the Drury-Mincy Conservation Area (including Bull Shoals Field Station) but also in the immediate vicinity. Habitats searched included roads, ponds, spring-fed streams, stream beds, flatwoods, wooded hillsides, and glades.

Twenty-one members, representing eleven different institutions, caught more than 130 individual reptiles and amphibians, representing a total of 28 species. Several photographs are available of members and animals but more are welcome! Most collecting activity occurred on Sun 30 September 2007, but some species were observed or caught by members road-hunting Saturday night or on their way to or from the field station on Saturday morning or Sunday afternoon.

Several new localities were documented for the Drury-Mincy Conservation Area, including an “open circle” county record (Copperhead (Agkistrodon contortrix)) and a new county record (Marbled Salamander (Ambystoma opacum)).

The entire weekend was characterized by warm temperatures (80oF+) and sunny conditions. The total species list along with numbers of individuals can be seen below. The milksnake was represented solely by a freshly shed skin. Spring peepers were heard calling at one site but were not seen. Oklahoma salamanders, Ozark zigzag salamanders, and a western ribbon snake were not caught at the field station but were found by a small group on the way to the field station on Saturday morning.

Species Common Name Number Photos
Ambystoma opacum Marbled Salamander 3 Photo Photo
Notophthalmus viridescens Central Newt 7 Photo
Eurycea tynerensis Oklahoma Salamander 1 No photo from this location
Plethodon albagula Western Slimy Salamander 2 No photo from this location
Plethodon angusticlavius Ozark Zigzag Salamander 10+ No photo from this location
Bufo americanus American Toad 2 No photo from this location
Acris crepitans Cricket Frog 44+ Photo
Pseudacris crucifer Spring Peeper 2+ No photo from this location
Rana catesbeiana Bullfrog 2 Photo
Rana clamitans Green Frog 6 Photo
Rana sphenocephala Southern Leopard Frog 1 No photo from this location
Terrapene carolina Three-toed Box Turtle 4 Photo Photo
Sceloporus consobrinus Eastern Fence Lizard 11+ No photo from this location
Scincella lateralis Ground Skink 4 No photo from this location
Eumeces anthracinus Coal Skink 1 No photo from this location
Eumeces fasciatus Five-Lined Skink 2 No photo from this location
Carphophis vermis Western Worm Snake 2 No photo from this location
Coluber constrictor Racer 3 No photo from this location
Diadophis punctatus Ringneck Snake 6 Photo Photo
Elaphe obsoleta Black Ratsnake 3 No photo from this location
Heterodon platirhinos Eastern Hognose Snake 1 Photo Photo
Lampropeltis triangulum Red Milksnake 1 (skin only) No photo from this location
Tantilla gracilis Flathead Snake 1 Photo
Thamnophis proxiumus Western Ribbon Snake 1 No photo from this location
Virginia valeriae Smooth Earth Snake 1 Photo
Agkistrodon piscivorus Cottonmouth 1 Photo
Agkistrodon contortrix Copperhead 2 Photo
Sistrurus miliarius Western Pigmy Rattlesnake 1 Photo

The MHA would like to thank the Missouri Department of Conservation and Missouri State University for providing permission to use public land for the field trip. Special appreciation is extended to Brian Greene for leading the field trip.

Group Photograph

Fall Field Trip 2007 Group Photograph

Front row (seated): Alex Edmond, Joseph Edmond.
Second row (standing): Mark Mills (MVC), Carl Gerhardt (UMC), Brian Greene (MSU), Kevin Stohlgren (MDC), Robert Aldridge (SLU), Chris Smith (UMN), Jeff Ettling (SLZ), Jamie Pastika (RADZ), Jeff LeClere (HN), Michelle Bowe (MSU).
Third row (standing): Kenton Lohraff (DPW), Glenn Manning (UAM), Allan Wilson (MVC), Dustin Siegel (SLU), Richard Daniel (UMC), Daryl Trumbo (SLU), Brandon Trumbo, Casey Trumbo.
Not pictured: Brian Edmond (MSU).
Key: DPW=Department of Public Works Natural Resources, Fort Leonard Wood, HN=HerpNet, MDC=Missouri Department of Conservation, MSU=Missouri State University, MVC=Missouri Valley College, RADZ=Reptile and Amphibian Discovery Zoo, Minnesota, SLU=Saint Louis University, SLZ=Saint Louis Zoo, UAM=University of Arkansas at Monticello, UMC=University of Missouri at Columbia, UMN=University of Minnesota.

Other Photographs